Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Do you know that I have money in my bra? :) I have a $5 bill on each side. Each of these bills have been given to me "just because" or as "an extra" not for payment of services rendered or because I've earned it.

Each morning I put the money in my bra and I say this little spell in three rounds...
I place this money
Next to my skin
To invoke the universal law of attraction
To me here in
To remember I'm in Universal
Creative Flow
That I am clear on my yes's
And clear on my no's

Then, I get really curious about how the money is going to show up. It's really fun and surprising!

This week, it has shown up in TWO FREE MEALS and a FREE 20 oz MOCHA from my different, random "member" cards. YAY!

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