Friday, March 27, 2009

WE - "What Am I Tired Of?"

Image found through Google Image Search and posted by China Trade Online HERE.

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NG said...

I'm so curious to know what your search terms are when images like this come up...

Phoenix Touch said...

Cute! I'll tell you... even though that is breaking the rules!!! LOL This year is all about me creating my own rules!!! :)

In my training, we talk a lot about "being on the triangle" which is the drama triangle wherein people play out their roles of Villain, Victim and Hero. It can happen in your relationships with other people or - if you are a genius like I am - you can do it all by your little ole self. I am learning how to get off the triangle which makes it exacerbating when I discover I am there and every moment thereafter.

I'm EXHAUSTED from being in one of these roles (generally victim) for all of my life. Exhausted, I tell ya! Therefore, I searched on the word "triangle."

NG said...

Cool - pictures AND meaning. Can't beat that.

That sounds like a psychodrama concept. I worked closely with several psychodramatists when I was doing more clinical work shortly after I moved here. It was always so fascinating.

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