Friday, February 20, 2009

Lil Red's First Day

Yesterday, Lil Red Cube had many adventures with me. Like me, she loves going for rides in the car and she giggled ecstatically as we went around the curve and she slid around in a spinning dance. Feeling brave, she asked if she could drive the car. Given that she is unable to see over the dashboard, I offered to give her directions while she steered. We had fun until she over-corrected and we ended up driving on the curb.
After she tumbled to the floor from that adventure, giggling and snorting all the way down, she asked to sit up a little higher so she wouldn't get car sick. The most perfect place for her was here... And from that place, she could see the whole world going by. She was especially happy with the sunshine and how it felt on the smooth surface of her body.

I discovered that she likes the smell of coffee and the warmth that it radiates from the cup. However, unlike me, she doesn't like the taste of it. Not even when it's laced with as much sugar as I use. I sure am enjoying having this new friend around.

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