Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am so touched. Touched beyond words. I spent the Inauguration at my daughter's school and got to revel in the sounds of the celebration echoing through the halls as I ventured toward her room. I got to spend the morning drinking in the jubilant cheering and singing and dancing as these children witnessed the swearing in of a new president... a president with whom they identify even though they are too young to vote. I got to listen to their words and feel their excitement and witness their hope as they listened intently to his words. I imagined what the world looks like to these children and imagined that they felt safe, for the first time in maybe their whole life. I feel peaceful and hopeful and excited for what our future holds, for what the future holds for these children. I feel grateful to be alive, to be an American and to have played a small role in America's movement of change.


Kristen said...

Yes, I deeply sense the power of This Time in our history, too. I don't quite comprehend it, but I definitely feel it.

Love To You,

Phoenix Touch said...

It's tangible, isn't it? Sending you love... :)

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